Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quilt Display at Russellee BnB

My son is always growing plants and has a large nursery at the back of Russellee.  He works at the Landcare Nursery.  Tumut had the Festival of the Falling Leaf on this weekend and we decided to have a Nursery and Quilt Display at Russellee.  This was a last minute decision and we set up the display in the garden. 
I did not realise how many quilts that I actually still had.  Quilts going back 30 years.  I also had quilt tops that just needed to be quilted. In all I had 32 quilts on display. A lot of them are quilts that I had made as examples for workshops.

My wonderful husband, Tony, set up make shift stands with rails and ladders.  The weather was perfect and the display looked great.  On Saturday we had many visitors.  The information centre asked if we could do Devonshire Teas in the garden.  This went very well. I even sold a small quilt which was a bonus.

I asked my lovely friend, Kaye, to bring some of her beautiful cards as a plug for our Scrapbooking Retreats.  We also promoted our Bali trip and the 3rd Australian Quilting Cruise.  Plus I handed out programs for both the Quilting Retreats and Scrapbooking Retreats for the rest of the year.  If any one would like one of these email me and I shall send you one.

For something that was a last minute thing for the Festival it was a great promotional weekend for Russellee BnB and our retreats.
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