Thursday, February 25, 2016

Quilting Cruise without the Boat Retreat

We are on out last day of Russell BnB's Quilting Cruise without  the Boat. We have had ladies from Sydney and the Canberra area as well as the local area. Our two guests tutors, Chris Dowell from QLD and Juniata Bungee from Melbourne, have offered some great classes and wonderful work is being produced.
There has been five days of sewing and great fun. The retreat has been a success and enjoyed by all.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Work in Progress January February 2016

I have been working on 2 large projects over the past few weeks.  They are both a combination of applique and thread painting (free machine embroidery).
The waterfall is finished and is being blocked at the moment.  It will eventually be framed. 70 cm x 40 
Waterfall in progress

Before the main falls are added
The finished waterfall

My Lizard, not sure why I started doing a lizard, has been interesting to do.  Totally different to what I have done before. Definitely different to cats and dogs.  He still has some finishing to do so will post a finished shot at a later date. 75 cm x 75 cm 
The back of the lizard showing the stitching.  It is very like a pencil sketch.