Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quilting Retreat

While Tony and I were in Bali with Sandy's Quilters from Canberra my friend, Ros who looked after Russellee while we were away, had a retreat with Zaree's Quilters. These ladies were also from Canberra.  Eight ladies came and from all reports from Ros they had a great time.  Ros took a couple of photos for me.

Russellee's next Quilting Retreat in October is fully booked. I have not set any dates for next year as yet.  However we are planning a special retreat in June.  We can also arrange weekends, or mid week, retreats for groups of up to 12 ladies.  Please contact me if you would like information on this
Dedication to Scrapbooking
I received a couple of photos from Carol, one of the Scrapbookers who attended our last Scrapbooking retreat.  She asked me to share these two phots with you to show how keen her and Veronica were to get to the retreat.  They had to go through a heavy fall of snow.  Thank you Carol and Veronica for being so keen.  On the previous retreat we were flooded in.  What will next retreat in March bring?

I am still sorting through the Bail photos and will put up a report on this wonderful trips soon.

until next time