Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jean's Quilt Finished

On our 2nd Australian Quilting Cruise, conducted earlier this year, we had a remarkable lady, Jean Brown, cruise and quilt with us. This is the second time Jean has attended our Quilting Cruises.  Jean has reached the wonderful age of 84.  She travelled to Sydney on the XPT train the day before the cruise and had all her bags and sewing machine with her.  She stayed the night at the CWA hostel and got herself to the ship next morning.  Jean takes everything in her stride and does not find fault in any one.  She has a remarkable outlook on life and finds beauty where ever she looks.

We had three workshops on the cruise.  Jean chose to do just one.  She has been quilting for many years but has only ever done small hand and machine projects.  The work shop that she chose was the Pinwheel Folly with the embroidered panels.   Her cruise ambition in 2013 being to tackle a bigger project.

Jean obtained the embroidery patterns before the cruise and had her six embroideries completed prior to departure. She arrived onboard with all fabrics to complete the quilt, most from her home cupboard; we were able to supply a fabric on the ship to complete the requirements as she was one short.

Jean did not have much experience with a rotary cutter and arrived with a brand new cutter and board, after a few pointers she mastered the new purchases.  She was on her way to making her quilt.

Her quilt centre was completed on the ship. After she arrived home another lovely lady Roz Sephton who was also on the cruise, helped her with the borders and got her in touch with a lady to quilt it for her.

Below I have a photo story of the making of this quilt.  The story finishes with her completed quilt.  Her quilt became much larger then the workshop version.  In fact it became a large double quilt.  It finally was finished last week to become a present for her daughter-in-law.  Her pride in finishing a much larger project than she had ever tackled before was wonderful to see.
Got two done
Da Da blocks are finished
Finished at last