Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scrapbooking Retreat

Last weekend saw a small Scrapbooking Retreat at Russellee.  I had five lovely ladies attend.  One was very new to Scrapbooking and took to it like a duck to water.  I think that she is now addicted to this wonderful craft.
We don't mind having small groups coming to Russellee  It give us the opportunity to really get to know everyone and have more time to help if needed.


July is going to be busy with attending Craft Alive at Wodonga to promote the retreats at Russellee as well as our Quilting Cruise next February.  The day after Wodonga Tony and I will be heading off to New Zealand to attend the Taupo Smposium 2013 Fabric Art Festival.  I have been looking forward to this event for over 12 months.  I will be taking part in three workshops with tutors for the US and New Zealand.  One can never stop learning and this Symposium is a great opportunity to see what ladies from all over the world are creating.  I will post a report when we get back.
Until next time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Russellee's Retreat Update

Russellee has had a busy six months with retreats.  January saw our 2nd Australian Quilting Retreat at Sea.  This was followed by UFO Quilting weekends and Scrapping weekends plus a small a Card Making weekend.

Our Bali Retreat is now full as is the September Scrapbooking Retreat. We are getting a steady flow of bookings for the 3rd Australian Quilting Cruise – A Quilting Retreat at Sea.  We have some ladies coming for WA.  One is driving her mobile home across and parking it in her friend’s backyard while she is on the cruise.

To promote the Retreats I have decided to do some of the Craft Alive events.  This is the first time that I have been a store holder at this type of event.  My first weekend was at Griffith.  Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us and this Craft Alive was not as successful as all had wished.  Many of the stall holders have been attending for several years and stated that this was by far their worst.  However it was a great learning curve for me and I did secure some bookings which was what I set out to do.
Russellee stall at Griffith Craft Alive
To finish the first six months of the 2013 Russellee is having a Scrapping Retreat the 21st – 23rd June.  There are still a couple of places available for this retreat.  The cost is $260 for two nights accommodation, meals and three workshops.

The second half of 2013 has a busy program.  Two of these retreats are already at capacity but there are spots available in all the rest. 

I have included a Thread Painting Retreat this year as it is over 12 months since I have presented one of these Retreats.  Thread painting is my passion and I am love sharing this with others.

Below is a full program for Russellee which will take us up to the Quilting Cruise in February 2014.

12 – 14 July                      Wodonga Craft Alive -  Retreat promotion

2 – 4 August                     Wagga Wagga Craft Alive -  Retreat promotion

23 – 25 August                 UFO Quilting Retreat - $210 includes two nights accommodation, all meals

13 – 15 September           Scrapbooking RetreatThis retreat is booked out.

15 – 28 October               Quilting Retreat BaliThis retreat is booked out.

1 –3 November                 UFO Quilting Retreat - $210 includes two nights accommodation, all meals

15  – 17 November           Card Making Retreat - $225 includes two nights accommodation, all meals and two card workshops.

23 – 24 November            Thread Painting Retreat - $170 includes workshop, one nights accommodation, all meals

15 – 17 February 2014     Scrapbooking Retreat - $260 – includes two nights accommodation, all meals and three workshops.

27 February 2014             10 night Quilting Cruise – Voyager of the Seas

Our Quilting Retreat at Sea is great value even with the exchange rate as it is at the moment.  Our prices start from $1351.21 US per person inside cabin plus $380 AU per person for the Retreat portion of the cruise.  This retreat price is great value as it includes 10 days use of a huge workroom where the machines can be set up for the entire cruise plus three workshops.

The cruise gives you the opportunity to combine a wonderful holiday Plus the company of great ladies from all parts of the country who share the same passion for patchwork and quilting.
Also if the above dates are not suitable for you we cater for small groups from 4 - 10 who wish to create their own retreat.  This can be a weekend or mid week.

If you would like more information on any of these retreats please contact me by phone - 02 69474216 – or email russeldr@bigpond.com

Until next time