Monday, March 5, 2018

Bali Quilting Retreat, Fabric and Curtural Tour September 2018

Come and join and indulge your passion for quilting and batik fabrics with a group of like minded people to Bali.  This tour starts with visits to Batik shops, a wonderful haberdashery shop and Batik lessons.  Followed by the opportunity to sew in at a beautiful resort with a private area with workrooms and its own swimming pool.  The accommodation is on site so you are able to sew 24/7 if you so desire.  We include cultural experiences of the beautiful country and people of Bali.
The land only tariff includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch each day, 3 dinners, tour guide and transport,  pick up and return to the airport at the start and finish of the retreat.  Visits to batik shops, two batik lessons, use of sewing machines and cultural experiences.
For more information please contact me.  0269474216
We would love to have you join in in this great experience.