Sunday, September 12, 2010

Daisy Tutorial

I used a small and a medium daisy punch. You could cut out a template if you do not have the punches. The paper I used was printed on one side however you can use double sided paper or cardstock.
Ink, pearls for the centres and foam squares to stick together or glue if you prefer.

Cut two medium and one small daisy. Ink the the edges and the back. the small flower will need inking all over the back.

Pinch and push up the petals on all the flowers.
Stack the two large petals on top of each other, off setting them, right side up with foam squares. Place the small flower reverse side up on top. Place a pearl into the middle of the flower.
Below is the finished flower with a flower made from double sided paper.

Sara did this layout using cardstock to make the flowers.
Thank you for looking.

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