Friday, February 21, 2014

UFO Weekend and Blog Giveaway

Russellee’s UFO Retreat last weekend a great weekend despite several misshapes preventing some from coming.  All in all a lot of sewing was achieved. 

We had a lovely lady, Lois; from Sydney join us for the weekend.  Her main project was a very colourful basket weave quilt.  Lots of ‘Y’ seams but the end result was stunning.

One of our regulars from Canberra did a Shop Hop Road trip in California last January.  She brought along a lot of the goodies that she purchased while she was there.  Her project for the weekend was a beautiful Peacock Quilt that she purchased as a kit from one of the shops.

Roz continued on her UFO from our last retreat as her life has been so busy that finding time to sew has been difficult.  When she started to lay out her blocks she found that she had gone overboard and will probably have enough to make two very large quilts.

On Sunday Anne came out for lunch with us.  She had a fall in her backyard  the day before the Retreat.  She fell onto some rocks and was in a bit of a mess.  Very lucky as it could have been a lot worse.

I actually started another project.  Have a heap of UFOs but I am hoping to have this one finished for a display in April.  We will see as our Quilting Cruise is next week and when we arrive home the next two weekends are booked with a Scrapbooking Retreat followed by a group of 10 ladies coming from Canberra for a Retreat of their own.

Russellee’s next UFO Retreat is the 13-15 June.  I am running a blog giveaway for the Retreat.  Leave a comment and you could join us with two nights’ accommodation and meals at this Retreat in Tumut.  You have until the end of our Quilting Cruise to leave a comment.

I shall keep you posted on how our Quilting Cruise progresses.

Until then



  1. Sounds like fun. Thanks for the chance to join you

  2. That sounds like great fun Dorothy. Thanks for your generosity.

    I have so many UFOs I am not sure where I would start. Maybe I would actually start a quilt for our bed. I have given away so many of my quilts that we only have a couple of lap quilts to call our own plus a log cabin. That Amish style log cabin was started in 1986 while we were living in the Philippines and remained a UFO until about 5 years ago. It is now on the guest bed and "owned" by one of our regular guests!

    Or perhaps I could put together a fun quilt with bits and pieces of quilts I have started and lost interest in, or lost the time to complete.

    Oh I know - I need to find the QAYG quilt I started for my son's 5th birthday. If I remember correctly it is already partly assembled. However my son is now - wait for it - 31!!!! It was shelved with regret when I had to go back to work full time. It is definitely a boy's quilt by tradition, because of colour choices and pictorial designs, but I am sure my son's daughter, almost 3, would love it anyway! A UFO retreat would be just the incentive I need to get it out and finish it off :)

  3. Thanks for the chance, Dorothy. Oh, how I could use a weekend away sewing. Many projects to choose from, it wouldn't be hard at all! Of course would need to bring more than one for a bit of variety!

  4. What a lovely opportunity!
    At the moment my UFOs are so U F'd they are not even started!
    Life does get in the way of such enjoyment at times.
    Thanks for the opportunity Dorothy.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity. I've never been on a retreat. They sound like great fun. I'd love to come to yours because I could leave my husband in the care of friends in Canberra. Thanks so much for the chance.

  6. Have a great time on your quilting cruise Dorothy! Hope you have time to relax as well as organising it.

    Thanks for the chance to win - and such a lovely prize!

  7. This blog giverway has now closed. I will announce the winner very soon.